continues, continuing, continued
1) VERB If someone or something continues to do something, they keep doing it and do not stop.

[V to-inf] I hope they continue to fight for equal justice after I'm gone...

[V to-inf] Interest rates on long-term housing continue to fall...

[V -ing] Diana and Roy Jarvis are determined to continue working when they reach retirement age...

[V with n] If you are pregnant, there is no reason why you should not start exercising, or continue with any sport or activity you already enjoy.

2) V-ERG If something continues or if you continue it, it does not stop happening.

He insisted that the conflict would continue until conditions were met for a ceasefire...

But as the investigation continued, the plot began to thicken...

[V n] Outside the building people continue their vigil, huddling around bonfires.

[V-ed] ...the continued existence of a species.

3) VERB If you continue with something, you start doing it again after a break or interruption.

[V with n] I went up to my room to continue with my packing...

[V -ing] She looked up for a moment, then continued drawing.

4) V-ERG If something continues or if you continue it, it starts again after a break or interruption.

He denies 18 charges. The trial continues today...

[V n] Once, he did dive for cover but he soon reappeared and continued his activities.

5) VERB If you continue, you begin speaking again after a pause or interruption.

[V with quote] `You have no right to intimidate this man,' Alison continued...

Tony drank some coffee before he continued...

Please continue.

6) VERB If you continue as something or continue in a particular state, you remain in a particular job or state.

[V as n] He had hoped to continue as a full-time career officer...

[V prep] For ten days I continued in this state.

7) VERB If you continue in a particular direction, you keep walking or travelling in that direction.

[V prep/adv] He continued rapidly up the path, not pausing until he neared the Chapter House.

8) VERB If a road or path continues somewhere, it goes there after the place you have mentioned.

[V prep/adv] The main road continues towards Viterbo before turning right to Bolsena.

English dictionary. 2008.


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